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Kate Walsh

Kate Walsh has a really beautiful voice that is like silk in your ears. Along it are heartfelt lyrics and pleasant melodies accompanied by acoustic guitar and piano, with string arrangements.

A 26-year-old acoustic folk singer has been likened to Joni Mitchell and Kate Bush. Her first album was Clocktower Park, released in 2003 and was named for a meeting place in her hometown. In 2007, she released her second album, Tim’s House. It quickly became the No. 1 album on the UK iTunes Store knocking Take That off the top spot. Her third studio album, Light and Dark, was released in August 2009 and features Turin Brakes’ Olly Knights on two tracks.” [source]

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Frankly, I can’t get Chris Merritt’s song “Tower of Sand” out of my head, so I checked out some more tracks of his and they’re very nice! His relaxed voice has an interesting character atop playful piano arrangements.

His 2007 album, “Hello, Little Captain” is one of his best earlier works, but he has a new album this year titled “Virginia Is For Hoverers (Part II)“, both pictured below:

You can find his entire discography for the lowest price right on his own web store.

P.T. Walkley

P.T. Walkley released his second album (Mr. Macy Wakes Alone) just last year, but he’s not that new to the music industry, having composed soundtracks for commercials, TV and film.

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Beth Thornley

Beth Thornley - Wash U Clean (2010)
Catchy pop tunes are what Alabama singer songwriter Beth Thornley delivers. — Now and then you’ll hear some serious Beatles influences in her chords and arrangements, and who doesn’t love some Beatles influence?

Also she makes one of the nicer versions of Eleanor Rigby I’ve heard in a while.

You can acquire her music on iTunes or directly from her site and she’ll autograph it if you buy a physical CD! It’s still only $9 too, same price as buying it digitally.

The Old Ceremony

North Carolina (USA) brings us “The Old Ceremony“. Nice voice with a backstage of violins, keyboards, piano, bass and drums. I’m not sure how to describe their genre; alternative rock I guess. At times it’s somewhat Beatlesque.

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Top: Casey Driessen and Bela Fleck, Bottom: Abigail Washburn and Ben Sollee

Abigail Washburn & The Sparrow Quartet” is composed of Abigail Washburn (vocals and banjo), the great Béla Fleck (kickass banjo player), Casey Driessen (great violinist) and our dear Ben Sollee on cello.

I’m not a huge fan of country music but this group’s performers bring some really interesting melodies and sounds to the table. Personally, Ben Sollee alone makes the band worth listening to. (Also interesting is Abigail’s appreciation of Chinese culture which she expresses with the occasional song sung in Chinese.)

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Matt Morris

Matt Morris released his debut album (“When Everything Breaks Open“) but a few months ago. I first heard of him when I went to see Ingrid Michaelson live, where he was the opening act. He has a great voice and some songs are pretty catchy!

I look forward to seeing his career progress. This is not half bad for a first album. You can buy it from his own store, iTunes and Amazon.

Regina Spektor


Russian-born pianist singer-songwriter Regina Spektor is popular for her songs “Fidelity” and “On The Radio” (both of which have been played to death on TV and the radio) but frankly, her other material is far more interesting… She has a peculiar, quirky singing style and her album 11:11 (2001) really shows what a really great voice she can have.

One of my favourite things about Regina Spektor is the lyrics tend to tell lengthy, interesting stories. I guess you could say most of her lyrics are very literal, in a good way.

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Ingrid Michaelson

New York indie singer songwriter Ingrid Michaelson has a beautiful voice singing touching lyrics which she accompanies with piano, guitars, ukulele and some other instruments. I had the pleasure of seeing her live and she was wonderful in person too.

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MC Frontalot


Damian Hess, better known by his stage name MC Frontalot self-described his genre of music as “nerdcore hiphop” as well as coined the term. It is nerdy, intelligent and awesome. Read more »

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