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Darren Foreman (a.k.a. “Beardyman“) is an amazing beatboxer from the UK but what makes him special is not his skill — of which I’d say he has plenty — but his wacky sense of humour.

While he does not actually have an “album” per se, he does many live gigs and there’s a plethora of hilarious videos to enjoy…

Here’s one of his newest:

(If it’s not obvious, everything you hear here is 100% his own vocals.)

and some more: Read more »

Luke Concannon and John Parker of 'Nizlopi'


“Nizlopi” was a duo from the UK. Nice vocals with guitars, double bass and the ocassional human beatbox in the background. Read more »

Big Strides


Here’s an interesting funky blues/rock playing trio from London, England. (Fun lyrics, too!)

I found them by accident while looking up videos for Little Barrie. I’m not sure how to describe Big Strides but they remind me a bit of Little Barrie and Cat Empire (when there’s rap.)

Listen to the Grooveshark widget, check out some music videos below and decide for yourself: Read more »

Little Barrie

Today I’d like to show you a funky little rock group from England called “Little Barrie.

Check them out: Read more »

I described Irish solo artist Wallis Bird to a friend of mine as a refreshing sound somewhere inbetween Fiona Apple and Dave Matthews. (ps. If you don’t already know about Fiona, you’re missing out. Go listen!)

Here’s some videos: Read more »

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