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But I’m super busy and the time required to cherry-pick songs, write a paragraph, fetch and resize some picture and more importantly, decide who to feature, is an hour or two a day that I don’t always have, unfortunately.

At the same time, I want to continue the core concept of the blog which is to share good music. Therefore I have decided I am going to rename it One Artist A Week. That’s a promise I can keep with no stress.

The blog title and all the urls have switched from to – The FeedBurner RSS feed will not change url, so you don’t need to worry about that.

Stay tuned next Monday for the first weekly feature. 🙂

Just wanted to mention the blog isn’t dead. I’m just having an extremely busy week. I will post all the missing last couple days soon. Check back on the weekend.

I’m gonna catch up today Friday. It’s been a crazy busy week at my day job.

Hi there!

My apologies for the lack of posts these last two days. My day job as a 3D artist was consuming all my time. It’s back to normal now.

Look out for 3 posts in one day! Writing them now… 😉

Welcome to my shiny new blog! Every day for the forthcoming future I am going to mention a new music artist or band.

I will tell you a bit about it, share some music videos as well as streaming selected songs (in full, no stinkin’ 30 second clips) and tell you where you can buy their music.

Music is my oxygen and I can’t live without it. I love it!! One of the most thrilling things for me is discovering new music. It’s just awesome to uncover artists now and then that clearly make music out of passion, not purely for the money. I hope to share with you what I deem “good music.” My taste in genres is quite broad and I may post about anything from rock to hiphop to indie to classical to soft rock to nerdcore to funk to latin to alternative to reggae and so on.

If you don’t like an artist I posted, that’s okay, but do come back now and again and check out some other ones, alright? 😉 I’m positive you’ll eventually find music you’ll love.

All comments welcome, and if you want to suggest artists to feature, contact me.

What is this?

Every week I am going to tell you about a lesser known music artist or band that I think sounds pretty awesome. Essentially, I want to share with you my love for music.


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